Internal Terrorists: What American Parents Spawned Them?

By Frosty Wooldridge

As a kid, I grew up mostly with “Andy of Mayberry”; “Father Knows Best” ; “My Three Sons” ; “Mr. Wilson” ; “Adam 12” and “Captain Kangaroo.” I pledged my allegiance to Old Glory, sang the Star-Spangled Banner, prayed before each meal giving thanks for my food and attended church on Sundays. I treated everyone of different colors and faces with respect and integrity.

My siblings and I discovered that we lived in a great country where everyone enjoyed freedom of speech, job choices, higher education and spouses of our own choosing. My dad said, “Always tell the truth, pick up after yourself and earn your keep.”

How in a very short 30 years has our country’s parents spawned America-hating 20-somethings of every color that terrorize our cities with looting, burnings, killings and outright anarchy? How do they get away with defying the police? In the most abundant and free civilization on this planet, how did a bunch of thugs from Black Lives Matter and Antifa mangle the ‘rule of law’ as to destroying billions of dollars of property, looting stores and tearing down our historical monuments?

How and why did prominent mayors from major cities in America abdicate their oaths of office to allow anarchy to descend on law-abiding, taxpaying citizens? The mayors of Minneapolis, Seattle, NYC and others are a bunch of incompetent weasels. You cannot placate anarchists! They build nothing. They destroy everything. They need to be jailed.

As this event plays out, we need police, FBI and CIA of every caliber to track down, arrest and prosecute every one of these internal terrorists. Each one of them needs a severe lesson in citizenship. Every single one of those terrorists in Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, Denver, LA, Seattle and in all looted cities needs to be tracked down with video footage and made to pay the price of their terrorism.

First of all, this is our country. We built it. We defended it. We pay for it. We love it. And, we need to preserve it. I’ll bet that everyone reading this column agrees with a reader who shared his views with me and gave permission to republish his thoughts:

Dear Frosty,

These are very strange and trying times and the following will sound inciteful, but it is reality. As we approach Independence Day, possibly Americans need to wake up to a reality check.

The rats (dubbed the “deep state” a.k.a. Democrat Party) entrenched themselves in the government and country. They opened borders and flooded every community of the nation with drugs and troublemakers. They outsourced our jobs and manufacturing to our enemies for a few pieces of gold. [Notice House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a mega-millionaire because of insider trading on defense contracts.]

The enemy has been invited past the gates by a few Communist traitors. They adopted the motto “by whatever means necessary” to change the government of the people to a government that controls the people. However, what the Communists fail to realize is that their motto goes both ways. Its time, as Americans, to apply the same motto back at them – i.e. fight back.

The Democrat/Communist Party is the enemy of the U.S.A. and freedom. They are using U.S. laws and the Constitutional against citizens to undermine and destroy the country. An example of this just occurred recently in St. Louis. If you defend yourself and your home against looting criminals you will be charged as a criminal by a Black Communist Attorney and the real CRIMINALS will not – see what is now occurring to the couple in St. Louis). What will you do if it is your home next?

The George Floyd riots were the vehicle used to start the removal of police from the nation. The communists are looting and burning and destroying historic monuments with impunity. They are not afraid to break our laws to destroy America. It is time to defend the country and restore law and order. Politicians are terrified to do anything.

All Obama/Soros/Clinton must be removed from this country by “whatever means necessary”. If a criminal enters your home you have the right to defend yourself, family, and property.

America is OUR home and we have the Constitutional obligation as American citizens to defend her against enemies foreign and domestic.

If the Democrat Party is pushing for Police Departments to be “defunded”, then it’s time for American citizens to form community militias to defend themselves and demand that the Democrat Party be removed from their country – “By whatever means necessary”.

Those persons and corporations funding this behind the curtain need to be deported or imprisoned for attempting to undermine the government of the U.S.A. The last time I checked American citizens were still the MAJORITY.

Are you a citizen American ready to fight for your country?

I’ve known this American from Chicago for two decades. He always gives me excellent feedback on my columns. He asked the question: are you ready to fight for your country? What are you doing to stop internal terrorists? Have you been writing, calling and admonishing your elected representatives? How about your newspapers and local TV shows with feedback? Have you sat by hoping it will go away? Do you understand that it won’t go away by wishing it were so?

Please get on your computer, get on the phone, call your mayors, senators, governors and give them a piece of your mind. This is your country; care for it; defend it; love it and maintain it.


— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO

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