Hungary For Real Knowledge

The nation of Hungary has announced that it will no longer sponsor courses on “Transgender Studies” in its state-sponsored universities. This should be hailed as a wonderfully progressive decision on the part of the Hungarian Government.

Encouraging “circus freaks” and other queers to explore alternative sexual identities is a profound waste of time and resources that only encourages and enables degrading sexual behavior and tragic life-styles.


Departments of “Transgender Studies” are often merely a front for deviant sexual predators, who use them as camouflage to find new and sometimes confused young victims, much as pedophiles have traditionally found the authority of the clergy, team physcian or Scout Leader to be useful.

One consequence of a liberal approach to “sexual identity” is that every variety of queer, sodomite, pervert, and sexual aberration eventually demands its own bathrooms, probably so they can engage in deviant sexual activities without being observed or frightening the livestock.

Hungary has had the courage to announce to the world that “CIRCUS FREAK IS NOT A GENDER!”

Sickmund Freud

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