Black Crime Roundup, June 2020

by Earl P. Holt III

The Jews’ Media exhibit a real aversion to the truth by vilifying anyone who accurately reports incidents of black-on-white violent crime. That’s because Interracial violent crime only serves their purposes when the victim is black and the perpetrator is white.

The Jews’ Media’s standard narrative is one in which innocent black victims are constantly under assault by violent white assailants, and those who disprove this false narrative are subject to their full wrath and fury.

In fact, the Southern Prevarication Lie Center (SPLC,) has even accused the CofCC of spreading what it calls “a false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

To advance their false narrative, any white-on-black violent crime committed in the U.S. instantly becomes the “lead” story for days on end: Meanwhile, black-on-white violent crimes are routinely “spiked” by the Jews’ Media and receive only local coverage, if any.

If the Jews’ Media were to report black-on-white violent crime the way they sensationalize the far less frequent cases of white-on-black violent crime, we rubes in “flyover country” might get the wrong idea about Africanus criminalis, that 13% of the population that commits 90% of all murders in the U.S. each year.

Below is a small sampling of the many violent black-on-white incidents that give Africanus criminalis its well-deserved reputation, one that the Jews’ Media has been unable to successfully “spike” because of the evolution of a conservative and alternative news media that includes the CofCC.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Nick Hopkins was a white, 33 year-old Illinois State Trooper who was in the process of serving a search warrant on a nigro drug-dealer in East St. Louis, Illinois when he was shot to death in August of 2019. Trooper Hopkins was a 10 year veteran of the Illinois State Police and leaves behind three children and a wife.

His murderer is a subhuman rat-ape with a long arrest record, who has been charged with first degree murder, being an armed habitual criminal, unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, two counts of armed violence and three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. (A fairly common résumé for this species of baboon.)

Michael Langsdorf was a St. Louis County police officer who was murdered by a subhuman rat-ape in North St. Louis County when he responded to a call in June of 2019. His murderer was a 26 year-old black bastard from North Carolina with a long and violent arrest record, who was attempting to pass a bad check to a store owner. Officer Langsdorf may have been struck and disabled by another nigro in the store as he was scuffling with his murderer.

ELDERLY WOMEN: Francis Jane Schultz was a 73 year-old white woman whose husband found her bound with duct tape and shot to death in their Zachary, Louisiana home in March of 2019. She was murdered in the course of a burglary and robbery by three black rat-monkeys, one of whom had previously worked for the elderly couple. Apparently, this was how this baboon’s under-evolved Frontal Lobes decided to repay their generosity and kindness.

Mimi Perry was a 63 year-old white woman who was struck in the head with a blunt object, and then raped and strangled in her home by her next-door nig in Fayetteville, Georgia. Typical of this species, her murderer had three prior felony convictions, including one for an earlier stabbing of another neighbor at a different location.

YOUNG PEOPLE: Johnny Peluyera was an innocent, 16 year-old white teen who was attempting to sell an Xbox to some black bastards in Gary, Indiana when they murdered him to avoid paying for it. He was gunned down in June of 2019, as his father helplessly watched in the family car nearby. His assailants were described as two black males in their late teens or early 20s.

Mark Mason: This was the eight year-old son of a very foolish white woman in New Castle, Pennsylvania who made the mistake of dating a black rat-ape who had previously served a 20-year sentence for murder in an earlier stabbing.

In July of 2019, an argument between the woman and her boyfriend led him to assault her, and then abduct two of the woman’s children in her vehicle before stabbing one of them to death. The cowardly black bastard screamed “die” to his innocent victim as he repeatedly stabbed the eight year-old to death in front of two siblings.

WHITE FEMALES: 22 Elderly White Women were all victims of a black baboon in Texas, who murdered these women while ostensibly caring for them. Their serial murderer is an illegal immigrant and nigra from Kenya named Bill Chemirmir, who — for some odd reason — has been the recipient of very little coverage by the Jews’ Media of his misdeeds!

As any self-respecting illegal alien and nigro serial murderer would do, he stole their valuables immediately after murdering them. At least he doesn’t appear to have raped them, as most nigs would have done.

Melanie Crow: This white woman was a 39 year-old mother of two who became a victim of the church shootings in Antioch, Tennessee in September of 2017. Her murderer was a nig from the Sudan, who shot and murdered her in an incident TOTALLY ignored by the Jews’ Media.

Fortunately, rat-monkeys are so stupid and incompetent that the rest of his shooting victims managed to survive. This black baboon even shot himself by accident but, unfortunately, survived his self-inflicted wound.

WHITE MALES: Serge Fournier was a 74 year-old white man who was pushed off a bus to his death when his head struck the pavement in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was killed by a fat, ugly, loud-mouthed female rat-nigress in March of 2019. The nigress had been arrested twice before for assault. This kindly gentleman made the mistake of asking her to be nicer to people after hearing her curse out other passengers on the bus.

Joey Allen was a 41 year-old white man who worked as a convenience store clerk in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was stabbed to death in July of 2019 by an illegal alien and rat-monkey from the Ivory Coast. Allen was the father of four girls and a boy.

Despite being in the U.S. for a short time, the sub-human garbage that murdered Joey Allen managed to run up an extensive criminal record including assault, domestic assault, unauthorized control of a vehicle, failing to stop for law enforcement and numerous alcohol-related offenses.

There are two common elements that stand out in each of these sad incidents: With the exception of law enforcement officers, in each case the victim would have significantly improved their chances of survival if they had merely taken the trouble to arm themselves against what is a violent, savage, witless and predatory black criminal element.

Also, each would have been safer had they been more wary of blacks in their vicinity, and taken greater precautions.


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