Shakespeare and the “Deep State”

By Earl P. Holt III

Shakespeare is the most widely read and quoted author in the history of man’s efforts to put ink to paper. It was Shakespeare’s genius to unite the classic elements of Ancient Greek Tragedy and Medieval Tragedy.

It is a rare occasion when his tragedies do not shed light on the human condition, even 400 years later, but there are two keys to its understanding:

The first is that in each of his tragedies, he has resurrected the formula of the ancient Greek Tragedians: That is, his principal characters (or “Protagonists”) are led to their own destruction by virtue of some innate Tragic Flaw they harbor.

Aristotle described this formula in his “Poetics,” one that involved a man of High Estate, who suffers an unanticipated and profound Reversal of Fortune, which is ultimately attributable to an innate Tragic Flaw he possessed.

In borrowing this formula, Shakespeare adopted many of the Ancient Greek techniques of plot: The single deviation being that the fatal flaw illustrated by the Ancient Greeks was usually “hubris” (or pride,) which displeased the Gods enough to set in motion the events that ultimately destroyed these powerful mortals.

The second key to understanding Shakespearean Tragedy is to recognize that Shakespeare, as an early product of “The Enlightenment,” discarded the interference of the Gods in effectuating the demise of his Tragic Figures, thus acknowledging the role of Free Will in their self-destruction.

That Shakespeare’s Tragic Figures are destroyed by mistakes and errors they, themselves make — rather than being undone at the hands of angry and capricious Gods — is clearly and unmistakably reflected in Caesar’s comment to Brutus in Act I, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

Shakespearean Tragedy even offers insight into our current crisis of a treasonous “Deep State” created by Obama and the Clintons. Many who knowingly engaged in traitorous conspiracies to subvert the Presidency of Donald Trump, can find their equivalents and parallels in Shakespearean Tragedy.


Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions is an obvious choice for Hamlet. Hamlet’s fatal flaw is Indecision, which is captured in his famous soliloquy: “To be or not to be: That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles…”

Hamlet is a sympathetic and noble character in many regards, but few men would experience indecision over the proper course of action to take if their father were murdered, and his throne usurped. One’s duty would be even more obvious if the ghost of one’s murdered father were to appear to him, demanding revenge for his own “murder most foul.”

A.G. Sessions showed Hamlet-like indecision from the start, when he recused himself from any role in the fabricated and phony “Russian hacking” investigation, which has since regressed into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s endless and unconstrained witch hunt.

This allowed a subordinate of questionable loyalty and integrity –- Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein –- to appoint a Special Counsel without any Fourth Amendment limitations “…describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.” Special Counsel Robert Mueller was intentionally handed an open-ended mission, and its architect was Rosenstein.

Since then, Sessions has repeatedly delayed taking even the most necessary first steps to initiate a professional investigation of the numerous crimes committed by the upper echelons of the FBI and DOJ: All of these have been well documented by investigations in the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee.


Is there a better parallel to MacBeth than Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI? Driven by the same Blind Ambition that afflicted his fellow Scot in the Scottish Play, McCabe probably envisioned a meteoric career path following a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

His ambition blinded him to the realization that he was clearly engaged in a treasonous and criminal conspiracy to misuse his office and the federal courts to subvert the Trump candidacy and Presidency. McCabe signed-off on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Warrants to enable the Obama Administration to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign and Presidency, which was done to benefit the Clinton campaign.

It was also in McCabe’s own FBI office that he conspired with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to design various strategies to undermine Trump’s Presidential campaign and election.

McCabe, Page and Strzok discussed using the phony “Steele Dossier” to obtain FISA Warrants to spy on the Trump Administration, with an eye toward eventually Impeaching Trump: This strategy they referred to as an “insurance policy,” in the event Trump was elected.


Former FBI Director James Comey was obviously a weak and Gullible fool, who was appointed to that position by Barack Hussein Obama, precisely because of such flaws. Obama and many high-ranking “Democrats” clearly recognized that Comey, — much like Brutus in Julius Caesar — could be talked into doing their bidding, even if it included treason, obstruction of justice, perjury and fraud.

Comey drafted an exoneration of Hillary Clinton’s sham e-mail investigation even before FBI investigators ever interviewed her. He also obediently altered key words in his “exoneration” when ordered to do so by Obama’s A.G. Loretta Lynch.

He later revealed his moral blindness by showing a studied lack of interest when Loretta Lynch secretly met with Hillary’s husband –- the former President and serial rapist –- during the fraudulent investigation into Hillary’s illegal e-mail server.

Comey also “signed off” on the “Uranium One” scandal, in which Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our Uranium supplies to Russia in exchange for $145 Million in illegal contributions to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.

He also signed-off on FISA Warrants, knowing the applications the FBI submitted were not verified, and knowing that even their author doubted their veracity.


Iago was a sociopath and a subordinate of Othello, who engaged in an elaborate smear campaign to question the fidelity of Othello’s beloved wife, Desdemona. Othello eventually murders his wife in a jealous rage –- jealousy being his Tragic Flaw — only to later discover that she was quite faithful, and that Iago had lied. Othello then killed himself out of despair.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok is much like Iago: It was his lies and duplicity that are largely responsible for betraying trust in the FBI, the DOJ, FISA Courts, and the State Department. He has also sewn much of the mistrust and confusion that currently pervades the nation.

It was Strzok who oversaw the sham investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail server. It was also Strzok who conspired with Lisa Paige and Andrew McCabe to undermine the Trump Campaign, even contriving an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump was elected.

In addition, it was also Strzok who applied for FISA Warrants to spy on members of the Trump Campaign, thereby granting access to conversations within Trump’s inner circle to the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, DOJ and Obama political appointees at the State Department.

Strzok also used his personal relationship with a FISA Court Judge — appointed by Obama — to obtain one FISA Warrant with an application that he knew to contain false and fraudulent materials.


Finally, Richard III is considered by many to be the most evil and devious villain in the history of literature. He betrayed England and the House of York multiple times in his quest to become King of England, and even went so far as to murder his young nephews and his closest friend in pursuit of the throne. It is impossible to imagine a better fit for Richard III than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary first showed her true character by stealing the “Democrat” Party’s nomination from “Crazy” Bernie Sanders, the Marxist from Vermont. It is unlikely that most of the low-information losers who supported Sanders are even aware of this treachery.

Hillary conceived the entire “Russian Hacking” scandal by paying $12 Million to an opposition research group named Fusion GPS, to compile a fraudulent “dossier” containing salacious and scandalous accusations about Donald Trump. Afterwards, her sleaziest operatives distributed this “dossier” to various organs of the Jews Media, the FBI and DOJ to unfairly damage her political opponent, Donald Trump.

The Fusion GPS “dossier” was later used to obtain FISA Warrants to spy on Donald trump before and after the November, 2016 Election. It was also used to justify the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s open-ended witch-hunt.

Her treachery and odious nature is apparent in the fact that there is no evidence, whatsoever, that Donald Trump was guilty of ANY of the slanderous and salacious disinformation concocted, paid for and distributed by the Clinton Crime Machine.

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