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From the Conservative Citizens Foundation: Neoconservatives Topic of New Occasional Paper

Neoconservatives have become increasingly relevant with the re-election of President George W. Bush. Virtually all of Bush’s advisers accept the neoconservative ideology. This country’s foreign policy is almost totally a neoconservative product. Therefore, it is important to know who the neoconservatives are and how they differ from traditional conservatives.

Basically, neoconservatives believe that a free market economy can stand alone in the absence of culture, tradition, and nationhood. Neoconservatives accept the current policy of exporting jobs (global outsourcing) and importing workers (mass immigration) because it is supposedly good for business.

The Conservative Citizens Foundation recently published Neoconservatism, issue no. 6 in its series of Occasional Papers. Contributors to this issue include Samuel Francis, Ph.D., writing on The Neo-Conservative Subversion; (Author’s name withheld), on Neoconservatism, a Treacherous Hoax; and Miles D. Wolpin, Ph.D., J.D., on Handmaiden of the Left: Neo-Conservatives and the Browning of America. Commander Raymond V. Raehn contributes an Afterword.

Issue no. 6, Neoconservatism, will provoke thought and discussion for some time to come. Its relevance is assured through 2008 and beyond because neoconservatism is now the ideology of America’s rulers.

Issue no. 5, Karl Marx’s American Triumph, is also still available. Most of the issue is devoted to the title essay, authored by Commander Raehn. Peter B. Gemma, an award-winning freelance author who has written more than 100 commentaries for U.S.A. Today, contributes to this issue with Reparations for Slavery: Strategies and Tactics. The closing article, by Miles D. Wolpin, examines the question of Labor and the New Left: Will History Repeat Itself?

Issue no. 4. “Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century” by Anonymous

To order one copy of either issue, send $3.00 to Conservative Citizen’s Foundation, P. O. Box 250, Potosi, MO 63664-0250. Additional copies may be ordered for $1.00 each.