“The Council of Conservative Citizens … the nation’s leading defender of the Confederate Flag”

New York Daily News

“I endorse the Council of Conservative Citizens in their efforts to strengthen the traditional family concept and preserving the U.S. Constitution by returning rightfully-delegated powers to the people and the states.”

Gov. Kirk Fordice (RIP 1934 – 2004)
2 term Governor of Mississippi from 1992 to 2000
Speaker at the 1998 CofCC National Conference

“I fully support the Council of Conservative Citizens and I am pleased to be associated with patriotic Americans who dare to fight for the survival of our Republic while letting the nation and world know we will never cease in our fight against Communism and other forces that would destroy freedom and enslave our people.”

Gov. Lester G. Maddox (RIP 1915 – 2003)
Former Governor and Lt. Governor, State of Georgia
Speaker at 2002 CofCC National Conference
Charter member of the CofCC

“We’d love to have you join our ranks of patriotis in the Council of Conservative Citizens who are concerned about the decline of our country and culture, and are doing something about it.”

Sen. Mike Gunn
Former Mississippi State Senator

“It has been said ‘timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty.’ I am not timid and I don’t run with those who are. That’s why I am so honored to be associated with the Council of Conservative Citizens.”

Hon. Jim Johnson
Former Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court
Speaker at the 1994 CofCC National Conference

“The Council of Conservative Citizens means business. Where others talk, they act. Where others cower, they charge. They’re not afraid to tell the truth-and that makes the difference.”

Michael Andrew Grissom
Author, Southern by the Grace of God, The Last Rebel Yell, and When the South Was Southern

“Without reservation, I endorse the efforts of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Working together, conservatives-Republicans, Democrats and Independents-can make a tremendous difference in the direction our nation takes.”

Leonard Wilson, Esq.
Has held state leadership positions in both the Republican and Democratic Parties in Alabama.

“Common Sense and evidence won’t carry the day alone. However, the Council of Conservative Citizens’ well-organized and coordinated efforts are the most effective means of ending forced busing and restoring neighborhood schools.”

Thomas S Bugel, Shirley M. Kiel,
Earl P. Holt III, Louis P. Fister

Former members & anti-busing faction, St. Louis(MO) Board of Education (1987-1993)

“The liberal trends in our government over the past 40 years have been brought about by well organized and highly financed liberal and minority pressure groups. They have applied pressure to our Senators, Congressmen, and elected officials through political action skillful use of propaganda. Conservatives in our country must organize permanently to counter these actions. Organization is the key to victor!”

Robert B. Patterson
Maj. Robert B. Patterson, 101 st Airborne (ret.)
First Provost Marshall of the American Sector of Berlin
Founder of the Citizens Councils of America

“It’s time something is done for America!” “Keep up the good work!”

Hon. John R. Rarick
Served 4 terms as US Rep., 6th District, Louisiana
Former State Judicial District Judge

“We urgently need a strong and dynamic organization such as this that will mobilize the patriotic American people and restore common sense to the direction of public affairs.”

Sen. Edwyn E. Mason
Served 26 years as a New York State Senator & State Assemblyman. Co-founder of the Conservative Party of New York

“I wholeheartedly agree with the Council of Conservative Citizens in their quest to speak out for this great and wonderful country. It is about time we spoke out!”

Albert L. “Dapper” O’Neil (RIP)
14 term City Council Member at Large,
Boston, Mass (1971 – 1999)

“The Council of Conservative Citizens is the only organization I know of that does effective political work for the European-American majority. It deserves the support of every American who is concerned about the future of his country.”

Jared Taylor,
Editor of American Renaissance Magazine
Author, Paved With Good Intentions.

“America needs to return to its faith in God and the moral values that made it great. I know of no better organization to do this. That is why I recommend you join and support the Council of Conservative Citizens.”

Col. Robert L. Slimp, US Army(ret.)
Presbyterian Minister

“The Council of Conservative Citizens is for the benefit of the American working men and women-that is why I belong.”

Mike Lady
President Chemical Workers Union Local 1744

“The CofCC is the country’s most effective conservative activist group.”

Dr. Sam Francis, (RIP 1947 – 2005)
Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Writer for the Washington Times

“For many years I have been concerned about our country and its Christian heritage. The Council of Conservative Citizens is God sent, and will be the organization that will bring back Christian beliefs in our government. I urge the conservative people to band together in this organization.”

Claire C. Bawcom (RIP)
Held numerous leadership positions in Williamson County, TN Republican Party and Tennessee Federation of Republican Women.