CofCC AM Radio

The CofCC has a history of maintaining a presence on Talk Radio. For tens years CofCC CEO Gordon Baum and member Earl Holt hosted the “Right at Night” on AM talk radio in the St. Louis area. It was the single most popular show on the station. It was also the only show to receive calls from out of the local area and even out of the United States. Unfortunately, the owner of the station died a few years back and the station shut down a few months later.

Fortunately two new shows have picked up the slack. These are AM talk radio shows hosted by members that actively promote the views and agenda of the CofCC over the AM air waves. Both can be heard online as well.

Political CesspoolThe Political Cesspool; Memphis, Tennessee

The Political Cesspool Radio Program is an award-winning broadcast that can be heard LIVE each Saturday evening from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Central Time on our flagship station, AM 1380 WLRM in Memphis, Tennessee, and via the Liberty News Radio Network’s internet stream, affiliate stations, and shortwave / satellite network.

Photo: The staff of The Political Cesspool pose in front of the iconic Southern Magnolia tree. Left to Right: Winston Smith, Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, James Edwards, Bill Rolen and Geoff Melton